WiseMan Brewing available in The Netherlands in March 2020

We expect a new shipment mid March and have some exiting news.

We have added two great new brewers to our portfolio. 

WiseMan Brewing from Winston-Salem , North Carolina is founded 13 years ago by Sam Victory who is a pHD in chemistry. Sam was a successful homebrewer. After winning several home brewer contests and when his friends kept asking him when he would start his own brewery he decided to go for it and WiseMan was born.

WiseMan brewing is well known for high rated IPA’s, Barrel Aged beers and sours.

Most of their beers will be available in 20 Liter Keg or in 35 or 48cl Cans.

One of their must try beers is “Blissed out Mango Milkshake IPA”


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