Releasing North Carolina Distillation spirit with All Kinds of Beers

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North Carolina’s rich presence in the Netherlands changes direction in October.

All Kinds of Beers’ portfolio expands to include Copper Barrel and Fainting Goat Spirits.

Two fine handcrafted, small batch spirit distilleries. European palates welcoming Copper Barrel’s Moonshine and Fainting Goat Spirits’ Vodka, Gin, Single Malt and Straight Rye Whiskeys.
NC — “the State of southern beer” — has delighted Dutch drinkers for years, thanks to All Kinds of Beers. Many of the state’s leading craft beer breweries proving popular in discerning bars, cafés and restaurants. A taste of the US southeast offering unrivalled flavour, quality and distinct style.

The state’s excellence in beer production arousing interest in its distilling talent.

Copper Barrel Distillery
Once America’s “Moonshine Capital” of illegal liquor production, Wilkes County now excels in Craft Spirits Distillation. The county’s nationwide reputation stems from Moonshine, from its early distribution along the East Coast and into the Midwest. Outrunning the area’s law also gave birth to
Stock Car Racing.
Wilkes County’s cultural heritage endures in North Wilkesboro’s Copper Barrel Craft Spirts Distillery.
Opening in April 2015, Copper Barrel employs the world’s first legal steam-injected distillation system to produce its award-winning spirits. High quality North Carolina grains and fresh water from the Distillery’s well provide Copper Barrel Moonshine with its unique spirit.

Copper Barrel’s White Lightning, Black Cherry Moonshine, Blueberry Moonshine, Red Cherry Moonshine and Strawberry Moonshine land in the Netherlands early October 2019.

Look out for the unique dairy bottles, 75 cl and 355 ml.

Fainting goat Spirits

Fainting Goat Spirits
A fainting goat always recovers from its temporary seizure and conquers the challenge.

It’s what makes it a rare, popular breed. It’s an attitude embodied in Greensboro Distilling Co’s Fainting Goat Spirits. This talented family business prides itself on resilience characterising its award-winning
vodka, gin, single malt and straight rye whiskeys.
Greensboro Distilling Co’s quality control and Grain to Glass process ensure its hand-crafted spirits offer unique, high grade flavours. Small batch artisanal spirits produced with the finest North Carolina Soft Red Wheat, Corn, and Rye.
Fainting Goat Spirits unite people in unforgettable taste experiences. The smooth Tiny Cat Vodka is “Quietly Powerful” and C.B. Fisher’s American Single Malt Whiskey takes the drinker on an adventurous journey. Emulsion American Gin combines three handcrafted gin flavours to offer a
unique versatility. And C.B. Fisher’s Straight Rye Whiskey takes richness from two years in American White Oak barrels.
All four Fainting Goat Spirits products will be available in the Netherlands. Delighting drinkers with spirits that “challenge the average”. Distilling skill and passion direct from Greensboro, NC.


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