The Event Horizon – BBA Imperial Stout

Style: BBA Stout, ABV: 11.75%

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Ale brewed with honey and aged in bourbon barrels.

The Event Horizon is the point of no return. Once you have entered the realm of this supermassive imperial stout you are there for good. The cosmically heavy body sucks you in. It’s unfathomably deep and black, tasting of rich coffee and chocolate. The faint twinkle of honey is the last sensation you experience before the taste of bourbon washes over you with notes of cracked nuts and vanilla bean. Prepare to have your tongue spaghettified.

Style: BBA Imperial Stout
Season: Seasonal
ABV: 11.75%
IBU: 50
Untappd: 4.19

Available in:
24x 355ml/12oz Bottles
Price: €120.10
12x 650ml/22oz Bottles
Price: €139.00


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