Lindley Park – BBA Imperial Stout w/ Raspberries

Style: BBA Stout, ABV: 10%

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Bourbon-barrel-aged Imperial Stout with honey and raspberries.

Lindley Park is a deep and decadent imperial stout. The base for Lindley Park is made with roasted chocolate malts and local honey, creating a dark, rich, and velvety stout. That stout is then transferred to oak bourbon barrels to mature for up to 10 months. Raspberries are added to the barrels to make the beer even more luscious with a sweet and mildly tart flavor. Lindley Park is liquid dessert.

Style: BBA Imperial Stout
Season: Seasonal
ABV: 10%
IBU: n/a
Untappd: 4.2

Available in:
24x 355ml/12oz Bottles
Price: €120.10
12x 650ml/22oz Bottles
Price: €139.00
20L Key Kegs
Price: €192.62


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