Ancillary* Fermentation

Ancillary* Fermentation Merchandise

Ancillary* Fermentation is a brewery, and an art project, and a traveling conceptual pop up taproom, and a “fermentorium,” and a lot less pretentious than it sounds. It’s a partnership between a bunch of Raleigh-Durham beer folks, centered on the idea that beer should be more experimental, more experiential, and a hell of a lot weirder. For Example, everything brewed at Ancillary* is a co-fermentation, meaning they’re using two or more yeast strains at a time, something very few brewers are currently experimenting with.

Each month, Ancillary* hosts a pop up taproom in different locations throughout The Triangle.

We are extremely excited to be able to bring some of their creations to Europe.


Ancillary Fermenation Pop-Up Event